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This website is for all things BIM, a compendium of all my BIM knowledge, and services.


Please check out the Blog page for content you may need to make you a better BIM Manager or a better Reviteer.



Primary Software discussed will be from Autodesk.


I am out to build solutions for the AEC industry by designing the best tools, by providing the best possible content, and to help fellow Reviteers.


BIM is a paradigm shift in the traditional way buildings are being designed and constructed. The need to step back and take an in depth look at how this new puzzle will go together is essential. The 2D mentality must be partially set aside in order for a new process to be developed.

I find inspiration everywhere I look. There is not a single building that I do not go into that I have to start picking it apart. Why did they do that?  How does this make or break this space? How could this have been designed better?

No matter what I am working on or who I am working for, the greatest amount of dedication to detail is my goal. Listening to the clients goals and aspiration, is essential to my collaborative process.

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